Meeting planners everywhere are dealing with the reality of COVID-19. I don’t know about you, but what started out as an amazing event year here at Just Right! Destination Management came to a grinding halt before we even hit mid-March. I just have to hop onto social media to know the rest of the event world’s experience has been much the same…or worse.

It’s easy to have a bleak outlook when we’re going through such dramatic changes. The thing is, this crisis is giving meeting planners and many others an opportunity.

It’s offering us time.

When was the last time you didn’t have something pressing weighing on you to get done right now? When did you last have a moment to sit at your desk and think, How can I be more productive in my job? How many contacts do you have on your leads list that you haven’t reached out to in months because you were “too busy?”

Yes, these are scary times. But this is also a kind of gift. It’s giving us a chance to do things outside of the daily grind that I believe will make us all better on the other side. If you’re like me and your time isn’t currently focused on meeting planning, I’m offering some suggestions of things you can do instead. Read on!

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#1 – Clean out your in-box

Confession time: I had thousands of unread messages in my in-box before mid-March. Yes, they were junk, but they were still sitting there causing me anxiety every time I logged onto my computer. One of the first things I did when I realized I no longer had any immediate events was sit down and sort through my in-box. I feel more productive already!

#2 – Schedule video/phone calls

While this might not be a great time for sales, it’s an amazing time to be human. We’re all in this together. We’re all scared and uncertain. We’re all wondering how long this will last. So why not take this time to reach out to your contacts and let them know you’re thinking about them?

I’m a believer in face-to-face connections. Right now when that’s not an option, video calls are a great way to go! If that won’t work for you, a regular phone call or even an email to let people know you’re there as a source of support can go a long way to be helpful and nurture relationships.

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#3 – Catch up on your binge-watching

Think this doesn’t belong on the list? Of course it does! Everywhere I look on social media, people are talking about Netflix’s Tiger King. It’s tough to be involved in the conversations happening right now without doing some binge-watching of your own. Now’s the time to catch up on your favorite shows without feeling guilty.

#4 – Research industries less affected by COVID-19

Not every business out there is struggling right now. Think ahead to the industries that are most likely to come out of this with plenty of revenue to use towards planning meetings and events. Now’s the time for meeting planners to begin building those relationships and earn future business!

Things Meeting Planners Can Do - Just Right DM

#5 – Apply for grants and/or loans

The government is strategizing and approving a stimulus plan that impacts us all. Along with that, many private companies like Google and Facebook are offering grants, loans, freebies, and savings for sole proprietors and small businesses. Do your research and start applying for relief today if you need it.

#6 – Review your policies and procedures

Times like these often make companies realize they’re not legally prepared for major catastrophes. Meeting planners aren’t immune to these issues. On top of that, laws are changing by the day. Use this time to review your company’s policies and procedures and make sure they’re compliant and accessible to anyone who needs them.

#7 – Spend time with your family

One of the biggest opportunities to come out of the COVID-19 crisis is that of spending time with our loved ones. Yes, our families might drive us a little crazy sometimes, but soon enough life will go back to normal. Don’t miss the chance to share quality time together and make great memories to offset the bad ones.

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More Tips for Meeting Planners

Looking for more things to do with your time while waiting out COVID-19? I’ve got you covered! Click the button below to download five more ideas to help keep meeting planners productive. Let’s all get ready to hit the ground running once the dust clears!

Want to chat? Reach out to me any time at I’d love to know how you’re filling your time right now!

7 Things Meeting Planners Can Do When They’re Not Planning Meetings