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Hosting safe events has always been our number one priority in event operations. That’s why we make rain calls and move inside for lighting, why food has safe temperature zones, why bartenders are trained and certified to cut guests off after so many drinks, why we make sure room layouts have no trip hazards, and so on.

In a post-COVID-19 event environment, hosting safe events now means going above and beyond the standards our industry has had for decades. Today I want to share five tips for making your first event enjoyable but safe for everyone involved!


Medical operating rooms have used room sprays for years. With many companies pivoting due to the pandemic, you can now own or rent equipment to sanitize rooms either between sessions or overnight. One particularly useful product is an aerosol that sprays into the air, coats all surfaces without making them sticky, and can 100% sanitize a space in one hour. If you are hosting breakout sessions and you want to ensure the cleanest spaces between groups, this would be a great way to sanitize every surface in a short period of time!


For events of any size, guests probably need transportation from hotels to meeting spaces and dinner spaces, etc. Luckily, many transportation companies have taken initiatives in cleaning their vehicles with medical grade sanitizers, stamping Last Cleaned dates visible upon entry to the vehicle. Also provided are hand sanitizers, mask signage, and social distancing seat signs. Adjustments have been made so that guests can enjoy safe events even during their travels.

Safe Events - Just Right DM


Most thought the buffet would not survive a pandemic, but creativity knows no bounds! I recently saw a demonstration of how a post-COVID-19 buffet will function and it’s both safe and effective. Tall plastic shields separate guests from food attendants, guests dictate what their food selections are down the line of the buffet, and food is handled with gloves and tongs and placed in a to-go box, which is handed off to guests at the end of the line.

It can be hard to make every meal a sit down, formal, order-based option. Many restaurants and hotels are making the beloved buffet safe for continued use. We’re glad that buffets will still be an option for safe events!


Gifting has always been a thoughtful and important element at events. Be it a small board meeting or a large tradeshow, useful branded swag is something that will remind your guests of your company for a long time. Post-COVID event planners should be sure these items reflect your focus on safe events. Consider branded door pullers, mini hand sanitizers with straps, phone cleaners, and comfortable, professional face masks. Easy add-ins can make things safe and still get your company’s message across!

Safe Events - Just Right DM


Another key to safe events post-COVID will be confirming guests are healthy upon arrival. If you have a large-scale event, this can be made easy and seamless. Walk-through scanners won’t disrupt your guests or the look and flow of your event. Smaller events can easily use handheld, touchless temperature scanners as guests arrive. Overall, it has been recommended by many safety professionals to ensure guests come healthy so everyone leaves healthy!

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Hosting Safe Events Post-COVID-19 | Just Right! DM