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We love this time of year when we get to see all the wonderful fall trends in events! Nothing brings visions of coziness quiet like fall. Chunky knit sweaters, warm apple cider, fireside bonding on cool nights, and, of course, the rainbow of changing leaves. These elements add an extra touch of warmth to fall events!

As the year comes to a close, the holiday season is just getting started. It’s a time for family and friends to reconnect, for reflection and thankfulness, and excitement and joy. It all inspires some tried and true fall trends that we love year after year. As autumn kicks off, here are our Top Five Fall Trends that will make your event the party of the season!

#1 – Enjoy the Great Outdoors

Nothing is more fall than an outdoor event space. The weather is finally cool, and the changing leaves provide a backdrop like no other. Rooftop views are always a stunner, but they are particularly impressive when you can enjoy the array of fall foliage. Crisp air is so refreshing, and starry nights create an atmosphere all their own. All you need to fully embrace this fall trend is a firepit and some cozy lounge furniture, perhaps some lush blankets and snazzy throw pillows, and your guests will feel warm and relaxed!

Fall Trends - Just Right DM

#2 – Fall-Themed Entertainment

Speaking of firepits, they’re a popular fall trend that can double as unique entertainment. Not only is a beautiful spread of a build-your-own S’mores bar Instagram-worthy, but the toasting of marshmallows invokes childhood nostalgia guests will love. Once stomachs are full of this warm and gooey dessert, the firepit will remain a focal point guests flock to for the evening.

#3 – Bold Fall Colors

Hunter green, deep purple, burnt orange, and rich burgundy are bold fall colors that bring the season to life. These hues are key to hosting a successful autumn event, and remain a staple among fall trends. The options to introduce these beautiful fall colors are endless. You can incorporate them in the rental furniture, the accent pieces, the throw rugs, and more.

The key to appropriately theming a space is to not overdo it. You don’t want to beat a theme to death or it can cross the line into tacky. Having fall colors built into your theme will allow you to carry the vision through the whole space while still being subtle and tasteful.

Fall Trends - Just Right DM

#4 – Warm & Seasonal Signature Drinks

Fall is a wonderful time of year to visit a “pick your own fruit” farm—and put that fruit directly into your glass! There are endless cocktail options that can be a signature feature for your fall event. Apples, pumpkins, cranberries, pears, and figs all harvest in the fall. This is one of those fall trends that nearly every guest will enjoy.

Fruit cocktails with a twist are always a crowd pleaser. Serve up apple mojitos, pear nectar gin, cranberry rum punch, caramel apple martinis, or cider champagne. Any of these drinks will make an impressive statement.

And nothing is trendier in autumn than a warm drink. Get creative and go beyond the basic warm cider or hot chocolate! Hot buttered rum, mulled spiced wine, spiked lattes, or a classic hot toddy can warm hands and hearts on a breezy fall night.

Fall Trends - Just Right DM

#5 – Farm Fresh Food

The farm-to-plate trend has not slowed down. Fall is the perfect time of year to tap into what is local and what is fresh. The harvests that come with the season give an abundance of options to let chefs deliver unique and delicious plates for your guests.

I’m a personal fan of hearty soups this time of year. They can fill your guests without weighing them down. It’s easy to incorporate fresh vegetables into traditional sides and give them a newness that can surprising party goers. When you let fall trends inspire you, your menu will be delicious and memorable!

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Our Favorite Fall Trends | Just Right! Destination Management