Las Vegas

Whether arriving by air or by land, during the day or at night, the Las Vegas Strip is a sight to behold. A dazzling beacon of light and sound, this is the place where your wildest dreams take shape. Discover a seemingly endless array of award-winning restaurants, luxury shopping, exemplary spas, spectacular shows, high-end nightlife, and so much more.

There are few other cities in the world that are able to boast about the wide array of dining options available, from all-you-can-eat buffets to some of the finest restaurants in the world. Many of the great chefs have set up shop in Las Vegas restaurants, where patrons are consistently rewarded with great food. As a result, Las Vegas has options for every culinary taste.

If you’re looking for an amazing experience to mesmerize your senses, check out the Fountains of Bellagio. With its water, light, and music, the fountain mesmerizes the senses in a way you can only experience in person. Watch this world-famous choreographed water feature, always for free, in front of the Bellagio Las Vegas.

Las Vegas will also provide the best convention experiences in the world. Las Vegas is home to more than 236,000 tourism employees, and resorts which host more than 21,000 meetings, conventions, and incentive programs annually ranging in size from 10 to over 150,000 attendees. McCarran International Airport is conveniently located just two miles from Las Vegas Boulevard and 3.5 miles from the Las Vegas Convention Center. More than 150,000 hotel rooms are in Las Vegas, most within a 15-minute drive from the airport.

Las Vegas weather will beckon you to go play outside. With more than 300 days of sunshine every year, the odds that weather in Las Vegas will be good to you are in your favor. That’s more sunshine, more pool time, more golf time, and more sightseeing. When you’re socked in with snow, we’re enjoying mild days with a light jacket and a smile. When you’re splish-splashing in puddles, we’re dining al fresco. And when you’re mowing your lawn in August, we’re offering poolside cabanas with bottle service and frozen grapes. It’s pretty sweet to be a weatherman in this town and even sweeter to be on vacation.

Leave your rain boots confidently at home and don’t forget to not pack your mittens. There’s nothing to keep you holed up in your room. The only things to see in our skies are the occasional fireworks and sightseeing helicopters.

Las Vegas’ weather makes this a great place to visit all year-round, from the Fourth of July to Halloween weekend to New Year’s Eve. So crack open a window and feel the breeze on your face because the extended forecast calls for a 100 percent chance of fun.