Seven years ago today, Susan and I decided to start Just Right! Destination Management. It was a decision that would change my life.

The idea of creating a boutique DMC was something I had thought about for a long time but never had the courage to do. Then one day as I was having breakfast with a friend in the industry it occurred to me that there was a need for a DMC that truly focused on a client’s individual needs no matter where in the country—or the world—they hosted events. In that moment, Just Right! Destination Management was born.

I initially thought this would be a small side project. Boy, was I wrong! Today I look back on the countless events we have produced, the employees that work for me, and the clients we have touched. Many of these people have become more than just clients, they’re great friends. This company has become so much more than just a “side project.”

Looking forward, there is so much more to come…more amazing events, more great stories, and growing an incredible team that I get to work with every day.

With today being our seven-year anniversary, I thought it was only fitting to launch our new website. This site is five years in the making, so we welcome you to come take a look and let us know what you think.

The Just Right! Team and I look forward to another seven years and beyond!

Best regards,

Corporate Event Planning

Corporate Event Planning

Corporate Event Planning