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What comes to mind when you think of green events? I’m guessing florals, greenery, and earthy tones like soft browns paired with pops of color mimicking flowers in a garden. Basically, an event that brings you back to nature!

The client for one of our favorite green events wanted to host a celebration for women. They sought a garden for its soft and feminine atmosphere. What better place than a floral studio in the heart of Lincoln Park? Surrounded by flowers and plants of all kinds, vines on the walls, candles lighting most of the space, and glass above allowing the stars to shine through the roof, we were able to transport guests from the hustle and bustle of downtown Chicago to a magical nature wonderland!

Green Events - Just Right Events


The space was blank…concrete floors, brick walls, and large windows. The venue smelled like a greenhouse of fresh flowers and soft dirt. We wanted every element to blend with nature. Our goal was to accent the earthiness of the space, not cover it up.

Embracing the vines, we brought greenery and florals into every part of the space. We lit the walls and bar areas with floating candles, the furniture was soft, and the throw pillows added vivid color. Nature was in mind throughout the planning of this green event!


Working in a space that was essentially just a floral shop, we had a unique set of challenges. The large and uncovered front windows were meant to draw customers in, but we needed privacy for our event, so we had to cleverly cover them up. We couldn’t put much on the walls and ceiling due to plant life, so we had to focus décor in only certain areas. LED lighting and electrical cords had to put in specific places to avoid disrupting our goal of a natural atmosphere.

Green Events - Just Right Events

Overall, the challenges for this green event were easy to overcome as long as we respected the very design that drew us to the space. We worked around time constraints, layout adjustments, menu alterations, and odd dimensions. Simplicity can be elegant, and so we made less into more.


When everything was said and done, this was a spectacular green event! The music was soft, the candles were inviting, and the food smells wafted deliciously throughout the space. We had a lipstick reader telling fortunes in the garden. Nature-inspired drinks were poured freely at the bar stationed under the moonlight. People lounged on the soft couches and enjoyed a magical garden without a hint of the busy major metropolis right outside.

Green events themed around nature may seem casual at first thought, but when you focus on the beauty of the environment, you can present a straightforward, classy, and tasteful event with luxury in every detail. I have always been a strong believer in letting your theme speak for you. The best events transport guests to another place, another mindset…somewhere comfortable, inviting, and chic that will allow the greatest possible networking, education, relaxation, and creativity. This can be achieved anywhere as long as you have a vision and stick to it. When taking on a green event in a natural setting, let your space be your guide!

Green Events - Just Right Events

The great outdoors can be daunting and elusive to incorporate properly into an upscale event. The best lesson to take away is to not complicate things. Nature is over the top all on its own. Let your green events speak for themselves!

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Green Events | Bringing Nature into Your Event