Women in Power | Planning a Sunrise Brunch Meeting

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Everybody loves brunch, so why not host a brunch meeting? During a citywide conference, time is precious. Attendees typically rush straight to the trade show floor. Once the day starts, they’re likely to be caught up in back-to-back sessions and meetings.

This was a challenge we wanted to help one client address. Our goal when we helped plan this memorable sunrise brunch meeting was to reach the audience before they got caught in the wash of the day. Check out some of the amazing details that made this brunch meeting one we just had to feature!


The best way to start your day is a great meal. We decided to incorporate a celebration into the event’s kick-off, something for guests to look forward to! We not only wanted to recharge attendees before they started their hectic day, we wanted to celebrate women in the field of science. This drove the vision and theming of our meeting, as well as the menu!

Brunch Meetings - Just Right Destination Management


“Sunrise in the City” was a simple concept. Celebrating women drove the direction toward a feminine design. Our main challenge—and our best advantage—was that the space came completely blank. With all white walls and a white concrete floor, the event space was industrial and void of any feeling besides sterility.

Brunch Meetings - Just Right Destination Management

It can be intimidating filling an entire space, bringing it to life, making your theme stand out, and inviting guests to a completely created world. You have to bring everything in…catering equipment, pipe and drape divides, rental furniture, décor, catering spaces for service, networking areas, staging, A/V, and lighting. Then you have to tie every element together.

Filling a meeting room needs layers. You have to stay within budget as you add aspects into each part of the event, and it all needs to deliver the same message. Once you are armed with an overall theme for your brunch meeting, the challenges will fall away!


We filled the brunch meeting room with sunrise colors: pinks, oranges, yellows, and reds. The atmosphere was elegant and tasteful, décor made to please the eye of any woman. Our couches were royal and plush, with sunrise throw pillows to emphasize the vibe of watching the sun come up. Our menu was healthy, yet delicious, with a build-your-own parfait station, tray-passed smoothies, and action station omelets.

Our presentation celebrated women in research, highlighted with a delightful wash of sunrise colors behind the stage. To continue our celebration, guests could network with a perfect view of the sunrise over Chicago’s lakefront. It was the start of a great day, refreshing and fueling our attendees for the work of the day to come! Our clients were so pleased with the way we tied in the colors, feel, and theming of a brunch meeting, something they had never done before.

Brunch Meetings - Just Right Destination Management

Most events offer coffee in a hotel ballroom set up in a meeting style. We aimed higher to really draw in our audience, which in turn drove better results. With another smash hit on our hands, we have added the power of the brunch meeting to our rotation of events for citywide conferences, and our clients couldn’t be happier!

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Women in Power | Planning a Sunrise Brunch Meeting