Why It’s Critical Not to Cancel Company Events Right Now

Thanks to the bombardment of news coverage on Coronavirus (COVID-19), event managers everywhere are hearing concerns from their clients hosting company events around the U.S. Those clients want to know if they should cancel their upcoming events. We think the answer should be no…and here’s why.

The U.S. is at Low Risk

It’s easy to panic when you hear the number of people infected in China. Yes, there have been incidents of the virus outside of China too. But none of that means it’s not safe to travel in the U.S. The CDC is carefully monitoring the virus and its impact. If the American public has any reason to be concerned beyond the need to take reasonable precautions, the CDC will let us know.

Basic Precautions are Perfectly Manageable

If you think your employees might be hesitant to travel, educate them and provide them what they need to take basic precautions. Some things you might want to do:

  • Explain that anyone in the U.S. who hasn’t traveled to the countries impacted by COVID-19 or had contact with someone who has traveled to those countries is at low risk of getting this disease.
  • Provide your employees alcohol-based disinfectant wipes and encourage them to sanitize any public surfaces they may contact during their travels.
  • Warn employees to avoid touching their eyes, nose, and mouth to prevent germ transfer.
  • Excuse anyone who is ill or highly susceptible to illness from the company event.

The Cost of Travel May Drop

Because other people are panicking and canceling their trips, the cost of travel is already seeing a dip. By staying calm and educated about COVID-19, you can take advantage of this drop in pricing and save your company money. Who doesn’t want to see that nice bump to the bottom line?

Company Events Benefit All of You

There are so many benefits to hosting company events! Whether you’re planning a large conference, holding an off-site meeting, or hosting a company dinner, you and your employees benefit from it. Here are just a few reasons you should absolutely hold your upcoming company event:

  1. Working off-site increases productivity by reducing typical workplace interruptions.
  2. Off-site events convey a sense of importance to employees, keeping them more focused and motivated.
  3. A change of scenery is stimulating to ideas and creativity.
  4. By including team-building activities, off-site company events can improve workplace relationships.
  5. Employees feel more appreciated and connected when the company invests in them and acknowledges them in front of their peers. Off-site company events are an excellent way to do this.

You don’t want to miss out on all of these incredible benefits by canceling your company event. Your employees are excited to participate in the event you’ve worked so hard to plan. Canceling it will impact morale and lead to avoidable financial losses. Let’s work together to create a solution that makes you and your employees safe and comfortable!

More Reasons to Have Company Events

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Why It’s Critical Not to Cancel Company Events Right Now