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Selecting proper décor pieces can be tricky. Assuming you’re on a budget, you must carefully pick where you spend your money. It can also be overwhelming! Where do you start? How do you fill the room? What décor pieces are functional as well as decorative?

After ten years of decorating a variety of spaces both large and small with budgets ranging from massive to minimal, I am here to share some event planner secrets. I want to help you get started, keep you focused on the right places, and get the most out of the décor you choose!

#1 – Make a Dramatic Entrance

Always make a statement entrance! It is the first thing guests experience when entering your event and if you make it memorable, they will talk about it for years to come. This trick works for budgets of all sizes. If you have a minimal budget, focusing it here can get a big bang for your buck. If you have a larger budget, it can be a wonderful starting point to fill out the space and round out your theme.

Events are meant to make impressions on guests. If they remember being transported to a different place, different atmosphere, or different mindset via your entrance piece, you are getting the most out of your décor pieces.

Decor Pieces - Just Right DM

#2 – Make a Statement (Piece)

If you can’t entirely fill a space, whether it’s because you don’t have a blank space and items can’t be moved or you don’t have the budget to fill the gaps, a statement piece can be very handy. It could be a custom bar piece that takes center attention, or an over-the-top stage that takes the spotlight.

A large décor piece draws the eye away from the lack of other décor and drives home the event’s theme. It can be a décor piece a decorating company has in their stock warehouse, or it can be something custom. Either way, it needs to be integral to your theme, and placement of that statement piece will be key. Analyze your space to choose the ideal location of your statement piece, situating it perfectly among food stations, bars, furniture, A/V, and walkways.

#3 – Light It Up

Lighting is often one of the most underrated décor pieces. To keep it budget-friendly, use lighting wisely. Things to consider when selecting lighting is whether your space is inside or outside, and if the event will be held during the day or at night.

If you are working with a smaller budget, including some simple LED up-lights to highlight unique items or features of the space is a great way to use lighting without blowing the whole budget. If you have a larger budget, a custom GOBO is an excellent branding tool and eye-grabber. Just be sure it is placed in an area with plenty of foot traffic and visibility!

Decor Pieces - Just Right DM

#4 – Linens & Centerpieces Tie Everything Together

Linens come in just about any theme, fabric, color, size, and price range. If you choose your linens with care, this décor piece can be an easy and inexpensive way to tie your theme up in a nice sash! Rental linens can be used solo on every table or dispersed around the standard white or black linens that often come with the venue rental or catering fees.

Centerpieces also top off a theme; however, it’s good to remember that the more floral in the centerpiece, the more costly it will be. If you have a smaller budget, scaling down a centerpiece or having only a little floral in the design can be a money saver. If you have a larger budget, it’s still wise not to go too over the top with your centerpieces unless this is the item you want to use as your statement piece. It can enhance or detract from the environment you are trying to create for your guests, so use renders of all the décor pieces and pre-drawn visuals of the centerpieces to see your full vision before you commit to a design.

Decor Pieces - Just Right DM

#5 – Entertainment as Décor Pieces

Thoughtfully selecting an entertainment element can be a part of your décor if you choose it right. A musician–often the first entertainer people think of–may not be the ideal entertainment option for your event. Look at your theme and brainstorm what else can fit your vision.

I once had a caricature artist for a Paris-themed event that made guests feel like they were getting their portraits done next to the Eiffel Tower. The world of entertainers is vast and often customizable; you just have to be creative. If you do select a musician, think about the type of instrument/music to be played, the outfit the musician will be wearing, and their location in your overall floorplan. If done right, your live entertainment can be a huge pop of décor that carries the theme from beginning to end!

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Décor Pieces | Tips & Tricks for Any Event