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“Down the Rabbit Hole” may not initially sound like one of the most creative event themes, but there are so many ways to make it one! The Just Right! team had the pleasure of working with a corporate client who wanted to visually transport event guests from a hotel conference environment to an immersive, tasteful Alice in Wonderland party. We applied one of our favorite bits of advice when it comes to executing creative event themes—the best way to maximize a smaller event décor budget is to create a grand entrance—to make this party one the guests would never forget!


Themed parties can use a variety of inspirational starting points…a color palette, a photograph, a season, a feeling or vibe, or even the venue itself. When using certain creative event themes, such as a TV show, a movie, a book, or a song, for example, there are some key obstacles to overcome.

Creative Event Themes - Just Right Destination Management


When planning a themed party, you want to establish the theme immediately so guests know what you’re going for, but you don’t want to hit them over the heads with it. You need to let the event breathe. Be careful not to overly theme the space or you can stray into something that comes off tacky.

The key to accomplish this balance when bringing creative event themes to life is knowing which items match your theme and which are more supportive or neutral, designed to make the theme pop. You must also curate a good collection of well-made, thoughtful décor, entertainment, catering, and other themed elements so your vision comes off put together. We kept all of this in mind when planning this memorable Alice in Wonderland themed event with our client.

The last challenge to overcome was the entrance piece itself. Our main focus was making the event feel like guests were going somewhere completely different…Down the Rabbit Hole, if you will. We needed to build out the entrance space with factors such as hotel policies and setup time working against us. It was a challenge we were happy to accept and overcome!


The final product of the Alice in Wonderland event was magnificent. We used sparkling black pipe and drape to mimic the Rabbit Hole. We enhanced the entrance tunnel with fog and lighting so when guests emerged on the other side it was transformative. The interior of the event space continued to set the perfect ambient mood with topsy-turvy centerpieces, whimsical furniture, a spot-on Mad Hatter impersonator, and life-like cut-outs strategically placed throughout the room.

Creative Event Themes - Just Right Destination Management

We also accented the space with upgraded table linens and fun, yet elegant, Eat Me & Drink Me tags throughout the buffet and bar. Staging the space carefully to spread out the experience was important so the theme didn’t feel forced. A perfect Alice in Wonderland cocktail topped off the experience, and guests were given fun photo takeaways.

Ultimately, we were able to deliver a well-rounded, high-end experience for what quickly became one of my favorite creative event themes. This Alice in Wonderland event was both playful and imaginative without being overwhelming. It hit our client’s main goal of transporting guests outside their all-to-repetitive conference atmosphere into a classy, magical space where they could relax, network, and enjoy the fun and entertainment. It was a planning experience our team will never forget!

Creative Event Themes - Just Right Destination Management

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Creative Event Themes | A Night with Alice in Wonderland