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Lighting Your Event

Few people realize how much impact lighting has on a room. Consider, though, the difference between harsh florescent bulbs and softer daylight bulbs. Pretty dramatic, right? That’s why we put so much attention into the lighting at the events we plan. Sometimes, it’s the subtlest touches that have the most impact!

One of the most beautiful and inexpensive ways to enhance a room is through the use of candlelight.  Whether you work with a professional decorating company (which we always encourage), or you do it on your own, here are some tips to follow when using candles:

  1. When you’re serving a meal, use unscented candles.  If you use a candle with a strong fragrance, it can interfere with the taste of the food and wine.
  2. Most venues require that candles be enclosed in glass (some even need to be enclosed in glass with water).  Make sure to plan accordingly when choosing your décor.
  3. Don’t be afraid to mix clear glass and colored glass.  Mercury Glass and Milk Glass have been popular for the past couple of years, and add another layer of visual interest to a room.
  4. Look for containers suitable to holding candles in thrift stores.  You can find interesting designs at bargain prices.

If you’re trying to make the most impact at an event without breaking the bank, lighting is the best element to manipulate. Whether you’re using colored uplights or creative candle displays, your efforts will direct the focus of every person in the room to the parts of your event that you want to highlight!